You’re an online business owner trying to do “all the things”. And you’re getting it all done….eventually. But you’re on the fast track to getting burnt out, or you may even be there already.

You can’t keep going the way you’re going. You constantly think to yourself “there has to be a better way.”

You know things would be easier if you used templates and systems to streamline your work. But who has time to set those up? And where do you even start?

Well, you can start right here, with me!

“You’re one of the most organised people I’ve ever met” – from my accountant and my mortgage broker.

Hi I’m Steph, and I create templates and systems to help online business owners get organised, up their productivity, and breathe again (because we all know running an online business can sometimes be super stressful).

You won’t find any fluff here, I’m all about keeping things minimal and efficient so that you can lighten your mental load and focus on the money making areas of your business.

Why should you use templates you ask?

As an online business owner myself, I know that you’re probably trying to fill many roles within your business. You may not have the budget to outsource tasks, and it can get overwhelming real fast trying to do it all.

Templates are a great alternative as they are budget friendly, and can half (or more) the time you spend creating things such as social media posts.

You will see with all my products, they aren’t just pretty designs. The main goal for all my designs is to help you get organised, free up your time, and stay sane. You can’t put a price on your sanity right?

Let’s get you up to speed.

These are first posts I would recommend you read if you want to know what kind goodness you’ll get from me:

From 3 x redundant to full-time freelancer
(read this if you’re still skeptical about whether or not I can walk the organisational walk):

Would you believe I’ve been made redundant 3 times? With two out of those three times because I was pregnant. I’m sure that’s illegal, but at the time there wasn’t much I was able to do about it. 

Straight out of high school I enrolled in Tafe part time to get my diploma in graphic design (which I never got by the way, you’ll find out why soon). I picked up a part time job in an office where the manager had a graphic design business on the side. 

Two years later, and 5 months pregnant, I was being told that I was being made redundant. I was also told “if you weren’t pregnant we would have made the other girl redundant.”


Completely blindsided I took a break from work to raise my daughter, and when she turned 1, I reentered the workforce for a small graphic design studio who was paying me well under the legal minimum wage and skipping on my super (which I never received to this day).

After leaving the studio of horror, I became the in-house designer for a printing studio. It was here that I really honed in on my organisation skills as I was being used to fill no less than three roles in the company.

Anyone seeing a pattern here?

A few months pregnant again, and three years into my role I was made redundant.

Didn’t see that one coming.

After having my baby and another stint as an in-house designer for a company who wanted me to work through lunch and stay back for unpaid overtime, I found myself in a design studio once again. My favourite one to date.

But a company merger saw me redundant again (last hired, first to go), and instead of curling into a ball I decided to go freelance full time.

And I’m so glad I did.

All the roles I had been in, and adversity I had faced had set me up for working for myself.

No more unpaid overtime.

No more stressing about time off work because the kids were sick, or had a school event.

I’ve spent the last 5 years as a full time freelancer/contractor working across so many fun and different projects.

But where I’ve found my groove isn’t in creating designs or websites. It’s keeping things organised. It’s creating systems within my business that allow me to focus my energy on working on my business, not in it.

It’s learning how to work from home around three kids.

It’s knowing how to get the most out of nap time when my baby only naps for 30 minutes.

It’s planning out my day so that anxiety doesn’t creep up on me and stop me from moving forward in my business and reaching my goals.

These are the areas I excel at, the areas I enjoy working in. And I want to share all the tips and tricks I’ve learned with you.

So that you can skip all the trial and error and go straight to running your online business like an *insert witty simile here*.

My signature product, the Digital Business Planner.