Want to know how the Digital Business Planner can help you?

It will help you organise and simplify running your online business. Designed with the perfect work/life balance in mind, this planner will keep you motivated, productive and clear headed.


You know you could get more done during the day if only you had an organisational system that kept you on task and accountable for the hours in your day.

It’s hard for you to stay focused and actually enjoy running your business when you have so much on your plate.

You’re stressed out, unsure what to do next, and your mental load is heavy.

Imagine if you had a way to stay organised that was quick to set up, easy to use, and took on some of that mental load.

What if I told you that being organised didn’t have to be time consuming or hard?

That spending 10 minutes on a monday morning would save you hours of time wasted during the week?

Enter the Digital Business Planner.

An easy to use digital planner, created on Google Sheets, that you can use and sync across all your devices.

Your new business bff, designed especially for online business owners who are trying to juggle business, work, kids, running a household and self care – and no, going to the shops without the kids isn’t self care. You deserve more!

Digital business planner

Get lifetime access to the planner now for a one-time payment of just $27AUD.


And if within 7 days, for some reason you don’t absolutely love the planner, just let me know. I’ll give you back your money, no questions asked. That’s how confident I am that this planner will deliver!

Digital business planner testimonial

And before you click away, I know you may be thinking:

Digital business planner

“But I don’t know how to use Google Sheets!”

And you don’t need to! If you’ve had experience using Microsoft Excel, using the planner will be as easy as making your morning coffee.

And if you haven’t had experience using Excel, or you need a refresh, I’ve created a short (the instruction part of the video goes for 6:16 minutes to be exact) video on how to use and get the most out of your planner.

The Digital Planner is easy to use, with instructions on each sheet that are to the point. No fluff here – who has time for that?

Digital business planner

“But I really don’t have time to set up a new system.”

Did I mention the ‘how to’ video was short?!

Think about it. Is 10 minutes setting up a new planner worth saving hours of time during your week?

Those minutes that you spend clicking around aimlessly, scrolling, or deciding what task to do next really add up. And when you’re running your own business, every minute counts.

I’ve designed the Digital Business Planner to SAVE you time by keeping you organised, on task, motivated, and most importantly, stress FREE!

Digital business planner

“But I’m a paper planner kind of person!”………
So was I, until I:

  • Kept leaving my planner at home and couldn’t make appointments and check tasks while I was out (which as a mum of three, I’m always on the go).
  • Had to resort to using scraps of paper because my planner had run out of pages and I didn’t have time to print/buy more.
  • Was in a different room to my planner and couldn’t be bothered to get up and get it to write down a task that I needed to do (we’ve all done this at some point, surely), and I ended up forgetting about it.
  • Would check an email on my phone and would make a mental note to add the new task to my planner. But would get distracted by literally anything, and never get around to writing it down. Then the task would be forgotten like an old pair of jeans at the back of my wardrobe.
  • Realised I wasn’t using even half the tracking/planning/journaling pages in them. And all they were doing was overwhelming me and making me feel guilty for not having time to fill them out.

The paper planner just wasn’t working for me anymore. I needed something that:

  • I could access from my phone, iPad and computer (I’m never without at least one of these in close reach, because y’know, online business owner things).
  • I could use over and over again because I’m not about buying planners every quarter (won’t somebody think of the trees!)
  • Was easy to use without all the extra pages that I never had time to fill out anyway. Something that was clear and to the point, and took away from my mental load instead of adding to it.
Digital business planner

Get lifetime access to the planner now for a one-time payment of just $27AUD.

Digital business planner review

Here’s what you get inside the Digital Planner:

Digital business planner months

Months sheet

View your whole year at a glance with this minimalistic design. Sick of handwriting dates for the whole year? Everything is dated for you already, and the dates are easily changed when the new year starts. Update the year for January and the rest will follow.

weekly digital planner

Weeks sheet

Are you always wondering where your time goes throughout the week? With the weekly time tracker on the weeks sheet, you can use time blocking to make sure you’re making the most of your precious hours and being as productive as possible.

Daily digital planner

Daily sheet

Rather than one long to-do list, the Daily sheet has a section for work tasks, and one for personal tasks. So that you can keep that work life balance. Keep yourself accountable using the daily schedule to plan out what task you’ll do when. No more getting sidetracked.

goals digital planner

Goals sheet

How often have you set goals only to abandon them because they felt too out of reach? The goals sheet breaks your goals up into manageable steps so that you can stay motivated to achieve them.

Social media planner

Social media planning

Are you pulling out your hair trying to stay on top of your social media posts? This sheet allows you to plan out posts, captions and even hashtags. Ready to be easily copied into your social media scheduler.



Did you know it’s recommended to have a different password for every account? Who could remember them all?! Store your passwords on this sheet with the assurance that they are secure.

I’m offering a 7 day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. If within 7 days you don’t absolutely love the planner, just let me know. I’ll refund you, no questions asked.

Still scrolling? Trying to decide if this planner is for you?

I’ll get to the point then. This planner is for you if:

  • You love paper planners but need something more accessible
  • You’ve reached the end of your work day and feel as if you’ve achieved nothing
  • You get side tracked easily and spend a lot of your time ‘looking busy’ (this was me!)
  • You get overwhelmed with those 3000 page planners and just need the essentials to keep you on the straight and narrow
  • You need a better way to stay organised, that’s easy to set up and won’t add to your mental load
Digital business planner

Get lifetime access to the planner now for a one-time payment of just $27AUD.