The Digital Business Planner for Google Sheets includes:

– A multi sheet Google Sheets file
– A MONTHS sheet with all 12 months on it, with dates that can be quickly updated when a new year starts
– A WEEKS sheet with a 7 day planner, Weekly Time Tracker and a 7 day/3 meal Meal Planner
– A DAILY sheet with a Work Tasks to-do list, and a Daily Tasks to-do list, as well as a Schedule
– A GOALS sheet that breaks your goals into manageable steps
– A SOCIAL MEDIA PLANNING sheet where you can plan out up to 5 weeks worth of social media posts
– A PASSWORDS sheet so you can store all those hard to remember passwords
– A PLEASE READ sheet with directions on how to use the planner. There are also helpful notes on each sheet of the planner which tell you how to use each sheet and get the most out of it

PLEASE NOTE: To use this Digital Planner you need a Google Account, which is free to create. To use this Digital Planner on mobile devices, you will need to download the free Google Sheets app from the GooglePlay or App Store. There are directions on how to do this in the Planners help sheet.

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